Introducing some awesome CheerFIT Tips from one of our newest Alumni Cheerleaders members, Danielle Wechsler founder and creator of CheerFIT and DFIT!

Football season is here, and this year football players aren’t the only ones who are focused on getting their bod’ game ready. Get ready to crank up the calorie burn and sculpt the body of a cheerleader with cheerFIT’s fit tips and exercise combos.


Inspired by former D1 cheerleader and trainer to the pros, Danielle Wechsler, shares her story, workout ideas, and motivation tips to overcome any challenge!

 1.     Sweat it out with cardio you’ve heard it time and time again, and yes cardio helps burn fat and see results, however, cardio doesn’t have to mean running on the treadmill for hours. Follow this Football Run Burpee exercise that pro cheerleaders do to get game day ready. 

*See how to video here: Complete exercise for 15 reps, repeat for 3-4 rounds

2.     Get the fans going and make working out fun- Cheerleaders are known to get the crowd going and keep fans motivated - and now you can too! Pump up the crowd with a exercise quickie to do during a time out. Rally the troops and give me Bleacher Tricep Dips. Are you ready? Let’s go! 

*See how to video here: Complete exercise for 15 reps, repeat for 3 rounds

3.     Sculpt a 6 pack instead of drink one- Oh ya, its 6 pack time! Put the bottle down and try these ab exercises that will chizzle that middle no time! 

*See how to video here: Complete exercise for 20 reps, repeat for 3 rounds

4.     Whose got the best tight end? -  You do! That’s right, I’m not talking about what team has the best player, I’m talking about some great fit tips to sculpt that booty. Follow these exercises and you will have the best seat at the game : ) 

*See how to video here: Complete exercise for 20 reps, repeat for 4 rounds

Stay Positive- Whether you are rooting for your favorite team or working hard to achieve your goal, my best piece of advice is to stay positive! Yes, cheerleaders are positive, energetic, and are there to motivate their team – but be your own cheerleader and remember Every challenge is an opportunity to achieve something great


Follow these fit tips and exercise combos to get in a great workout before any football Sunday!


Have questions or interested in even more great ways to stay in game day shape? Contact me at


Stay FIT,



A bit about cheerFIT:

Danielle is a highly energetic and extremely motivated fitness professional and trainer to the pros. As a former D1 cheerleader, her energy is contagious and workouts are intense. cheerFIT workouts are a great way to tone, sculpt, and define. 


Originally Danielle created cheerFIT to focus on helping cheerleaders to stay in shape all year round, rock a killer bod, and prevent injury. Since launching, cheerFIT is not only just for the pros, but also for the fitness buff looking for a great way to stay in shape. This high energy, yet intense workout is fused with cardio intervals, calorie blasting circuits, and cheer inspired exercises. For more info, visit


Sweat, Smile & Repeat.

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