After the Poms with Elizabeth Morgan - Former NFL & CFL Cheerleader

Alumni Cheerleaders is excited to share the latest on member, Elizabeth Morgan, for this week’s feature “After the Poms” story!  This talented young lady is a former NFL and CFL Cheerleader!! Let’s find out what Elizabeth is doing now “After the Poms”.  

Tell our readers a little bit about yourself and where you are you from.

Greetings, fellow Alumni Cheerleaders!  My name is Elizabeth Morgan and I am a native of London, Canada.   I have lived and traveled to numerous cities, provinces, states and countries throughout my childhood years and during my professional cheerleading career. 

Were cheerleading and dancing a part of your life when you were younger and how did you get involved

Cheerleading and dance have been part of my life since age 3.  From my first ballet class (where apparently I had an aversion to playing a butterfly in the recital!), to a lifelong study of dance, I have experienced the joy of learning every genre, from Ballet to Ballroom, All-Star Cheer to Professional Cheer & Dance Team styles, Ethnic Dance, Historical Dance & more!  I also studied classical music since age 7 and Drama-in-Education at the university level.  All of this hard work prepared me for leadership roles in the NFL & CFL.  This training has also made me a more effective teacher, mentor and mother.


You are a former professional cheerleader for the NFL Buffalo Bills Cheerleaders as well as the CFL Toronto Argonauts.  Please tell us about your experience cheering for the 2 leagues

My first professional team was the CFL Toronto Argonauts.  To this day I still coordinate the 1996-2015 seasons of Toronto Argo Alumni Cheerleaders for our Annual Women’s Cancer Fundraiser Half-Time Show.  100 Argo Alumni ladies perform a rousing performance at one home game annually.  Following 3 years with the Argos, I made the move to the CFL Hamilton Tiger Cats.  It was an honor to be selected Line Captain on both of these esteemed Canadian teams!

In 2004, my Argos coach, Patty Darrah, who was a former New England Patriots Cheerleaders Captain, recommended to give an NFL audition a shot.  I went, had a blast throughout the tryout process, and was honored to be selected to the team!  In my second year I was named a Captain and had a great time mentoring the Rookies.  The NFL Buffalo Jills is one of the most professionally-run organizations I have ever worked for.  As other fellow Alumni NFL Cheerleaders can attest to, I will forever cherish memories of the eagle flying down to centre field at the Ralph, the corporate and charity appearances we did both near and far, and of course – the crazy, fun swimsuit calendar trips! 


Following my retirement from the NFL, I have done guest choreography, consulting and interim directing for a variety of leag

ues, including CFL, UFL, AIFL and others.  Last year I had the privilege of assisting with the Ottawa Red Blacks Cheer & Dance Team at the Grey Cup, alongside their 4-woman coaching staff.  It was a highlight to be able to mentor those young girls and guys through their very first Canada’s “Super Bowl” experience as a team!


This past August the Buffalo Jills Alumni hosted the National Football Cheerleaders Alumni Reunion (former NFL Cheerleaders).  It was extremely special to reconnect with old colleagues and to meet new sisters from across the 18 NFL teams in attendance.  The next Reunion takes place in Nashville in 2018 - it will be exciting to meet even more esteemed NFL Alumni ladies & gents then!

What advice would you give to a current or future cheerleader?

The advice I would give to a current or future cheerleader is to BE YOURSELF.  Fans, corporate sponsors, coaches and clubs look for that “special spark” that makes you stand out.  Be ready for the challenge of being a Professional Cheerleader, also.  The physical and mental commitment is akin to that of any professional athlete.  Finally, always believe in yourself…because when you believe from the inside, it shows on the outside!

Tell us what you are doing now and “After the Poms”.

These days, I am the proud mother of a 4-year-old son, a teacher, performer and business owner.  As a graduate of Western University, I proudly represent London as a Dance Artist-in-Residence in the local school boards and as a professional performer through the London Arts Council cultural programs.  For over two decades I have owned my own studio, Expressions Dance Arts Inc.  In 2016 I co-founded One Eye Entertainment, a local entertainment company that serves our region’s corporate, community and private events.  I am also a competition judge and a consultant for pro dance teams.


One of the very exciting movements that is happening in London, Ontario right now, through the London Arts Council, is to provide dynamic new programming for all generations to experience dance.  We work in the schools to provide enriched arts curriculum for students during the academic year.  We are also marking historic occasions with dance.  We are opening up public venues for free dance, music, dramatic & visual arts performances.  We are planning a ground-breaking new Seniors’ Arts Initiative in our city, for older adults to continue to learn in their chosen art form throughout their senior years.  We are also partnering local schools with professional theaters, to create Intensive Arts programs for youth.  There is a huge team of artists, educators and coordinators working together at the London Arts Council, of which I am one small part.  The collective goals are to increase a sense of community, to recognize and encourage the cognitive and kinesthetic benefits of the arts for all ages, and to provide affordable, accessible arts programming for all.  Hopefully this model will one day be inspiring to other communities, to bring renewed attention for the arts to their residents.

Elizabeth's Motto:

My motto has always been:  “If you can imagine it, you can achieve it; If you can dream it, you can become it.”  This motto is what spurred me to pursue my cheerleading dreams in the first place – hopefully it will help spur others also to pursue their dreams, whatever those aspirations may be.  I will forever be a proud and grateful Alumni Pro Cheerleader!


Elizabeth's company web sites:

www.Xpressions.Studio or or


Thank you so much Elizabeth for your time and interview for your “After the Poms” story!  We are wishing much continued success with all of your ventures!!  

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