As many of you may be aware, there is a pending lawsuit by a former NFL cheerleader against an organization.  I am a former NFL cheerleader (7 years) and know the pay per game is nominal, but I did it for the pure love of the game, cheering, dancing, charitable work, and the sisterhood.  The majority of my closest friendships are from that fun time in my life being a cheerleader.  There were a few years when I made some great extra money with paid promotions.  For probably the majority of the Pro teams when you are on the squad, you have to be a student, stay at home Mom, or have a full time job.  I would always laugh to myself when people thought it was a full time job.  It has been 20 years since I retired my pom poms, and I have some wonderful memories that I will cherish. Sure it would be great to make more money as a professional cheerleader, but there are many who have been given awesome opportunities as a result of their professional cheerleading paving the way for them.  I felt so honored to have had the opportunity to cheer for the elite NFL.  It is definitely an honor and a privilege and not a right to cheer/dance on a professional level.  I do know there would be thousands of young ladies willing to cheer for free to have that chance to be in our shoes.  What are your thoughts? 

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You said it right Mickey! What an honor. Of course many fan often think we are paid like an athlete on the field or courts. But of course that isn't true. But I don't know who would have given up the experiences we've all had. The things we love to do in dance, fans we meet, places we've traveled, soldiers we brought home and smiles to! Priceless. Professionally you understand the first day if you're there to make money then its the wrong place for you.

My first year as a NFL cheerleader was like no other. Wow 3600 women tried out for a spot back in 2002 and they picked me! Mississippi Maya! Each game I looked into the stands and thought how many women I saw who tried for the coveted spot. It was an honor in rehearsals, during appearances, USO Tours and game days. And even today an Elite Alum still showing up for duty when called upon. I have the honor in assisting during auditions and prep classes with no pay but would I ever say NO ABSOLUTELY NOT. Pay for our team has gone up lots since I've cheered but all Alums laugh at what we used to get. But wouldn't trade it for the world!!! Do it because you love, Do it for one in a life time experiences, it truly shapes you into the woman you continually grow to be.

Love and Cheers!

Thanks Maya!!  Our alumni also help at auditions for no pay and we love it.  It gives you that opportunity to relive it just for a moment. 

What an amazing experience it was to be part of an NFL cheer team for 3 years! The sisterhood, the dancing and the community service were unforgettable! But I knew what I was getting myself into by the time I decided to audition. I know hundreds of great dancers who would PAY to have the chance to dance in front of 60k+ fans at a real NFL game. As long as that's the case, the pay will never be enough to live on. The bottom line for the business men and women who own and run the Pro teams is that there is no way to tie cheerleader/dancer compensation to team business revenue. Besides, there are profitable teams in the league that still don't have official cheer teams who would argue that it is an unnecessary distraction. Of course, I do not agree! ;)

Think you Joie! Well said.

I agree with you 100 percent.  I cheered for the Atlanta Falcons during the 60's.  Our pay was season tickets for one person   It was a great honor and when I look back over my life -- it was one of my greatest memories. My brothers still brag about it and when their daughters found out you would have thought that I was some great star. Pay or no pay -- I loved every minute of it, would not take nothing for it and would do it again -- without pay. 


Jacqui Jackson

Thanks so much Jacqui for sharing your views!!



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