You may be aware that there have been some lawsuits filed from a few now former Oakland Raiders, Baltimore Ravens and Buffalo Bills Cheerleaders.  What are some of you thoughts about the lawsuits and how do you think this will affect the current young ladies on the squad?  How do you feel is the best way to address the issues that were brought up in the lawsuit, such as low pay, etc?

One of our members, Flavia Berry, who is a former San Diego Chargers Cheerleader was interviewed regarding the lawsuits and sharing her thoughts, Please read her note below and feel free to share your thoughts on the best solution.


Note from Flavia:

Have you read about the recent lawsuits filed by pro cheerleaders against three NFL teams? This is a very serious topic and one that could affect the entire sport of cheerleading.

BBC News interviewed me for a news article as well as their radio broadcast. I think I did a good job defending cheerleading against the interviewer Dan's statement that it might be too "50's" and that it is degrading to women. What do you think? They didn't air all of the interview, where I went into even more detail about how incredible the women of this sport are, both on and off the field. But despite them only airing a small portion of my interview, I think it was a good on air debate of some of the issues.

The replay on BBC expires Tuesday morning, so if you want to share it with your list, please do so tomorrow (Monday) or else BBC will have taken down the link. They don't keep the radio shows up too long after airing.

The replay is available at the BBC website... go to the "6 May 14" episode. My segment is at 19.29 minutes into the show. The clip will only be up for 2 more days. 

I also was also quoted in a BBC online article as well, that link is here: 

Again, I'd love to hear what you think. Please read the article, then listen to the podcast at 19.29 minutes/seconds into the episode, then shoot me an email to let me know YOUR thoughts. I want to help champion the mindset that cheerleading is a serious sport by serious athletes and essential to the spirit of the game, and not outdated "fluff." And also that it is not something we do for the money!

Here are the links again:

Article: (my quotes are about halfway in)

Radio podcast interview: (my segment is at 19.29 minutes into the show)

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I have not read this particle article but I have read the different ones throughout the paper. I say shame on those girls they are going to ruin it for future cheerleaders. Being with three different types of NFL teams you had different rules and regulations per team. Some were good and some not as good. You do not try-out for a NFL team to make money. You try out for the experience and if you are lucky which most of us have been you meet life long friends. I could not believe what some teams are making now. I made $25.00 a game with the first team I cheered with. We had to do charity but in my opinion  you should want to do charity. It is a lot of hard work, but it was rewarding when you step out on the field in front of fans, family and friends. It was an experience of a lifetime that I will hold dear to me forever.

Just a couple of my thoughts,


This is old news now and just the tip of the iceberg; many of us 'Football's Fabulous Females' (Oakland & LA Raiderettes) Alumni have been interviewed by various TV and online media networks, since the initial lawsuit was filed. We have already spent countless hours debating this issue in our own private circles and in a multitude of various other forums, posting numerous links to our own interviews and articles.
Sorry, but this is just redundant for most of us. Too bad you're just jumping on the discussion now, but I doubt any of us wish to rehash it again here. We pretty much already covered it.

Thank you for your reply and input!  This was brought to my attention again because of the canceling of the 2014 season for the Buffalo Bills cheerleaders.  There has been been more discussion asking what is the best way for this to be addressed to help prevent more squads seasons from being canceled and not being given the opportunity to cheer.  

Here is a response from one of our member, Wynne Lacey, former NBA Cheerleader/Dancer, who is the author of the book "An Enlightened Cheerleader" that is a great buy and must read.  Check out her blog and the link to her response below! Thank you Wynne for sharing your views!

Thanks for posting my response, Mickey.  I disagree with some of the comments that this is "old news".  It would be old news if we actually have found a solution and moved forward in protecting the needs of those ladies that come after us.  We are having a discussion at my book signing tonight to open our minds to the possibility of having a "female-model" of professional cheerleading instead of one driven by the model developed 30 years ago by men, for men.



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