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Have you identified a goal you would like to accomplish? Most of our dreams and aspirations require us to be in the right place at the right time with the right plan. But, the right people are also a critical variable to the equation. Think about it. None of us ever achieve our success in isolation of others.  Even those, who to the naked eye are self-made, had help along the way. What is most honest, most true and perhaps, most beautiful about our existence in this world is the fact that we are unchangeably intertwined and connected. In other words, we need the efforts or at least encouragement of others to be our very best. To receive the best from others you must be willing to give your best without expectation. So ask yourself. Am I the star player who helps my teammates to become better by sharing my gifts with them? Being a great teammate means more than winning the game. It means changing the lives of others with an indelible stamp of altruism that ensures everyone wins in the end. Join someone's team today and help them reach their goals or draft a few players to assist you with yours.


Coach Chato

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