Maya Hayes - Former Dallas Cowboys, Dallas Mavericks, & Chicago Bulls Cheerleader/Dancer

Alumni Cheerleaders is excited to catch up with talented member, Maya Christine Hayes, former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader, Dallas Mavericks Dancer, and Chicago Bulls Dancer.  Maya is a native of Jackson, Mississippi where she is an alumnus of Jackson State University majoring in Speech and Theatre Arts.

Since she was a little girl, Maya Christine Hayes has lived, breathed and appreciated the art of dance and the love of music. Soon after she began walking, Maya was always on her toes, emulating those with a more polished ballet and jazz footing. Maya, the second daughter of four, was intensely encouraged to follow her dreams, by her mother, the late Mrs. Sylvia Ann Hayes. Noticing Maya’s love for the 80’s hit television show Fame, Sylvia Hayes, hearten Maya to follow her dream of dance. Along with her encouragement and support, she advised Maya that she should learn the business side of the arts, in order to make her dreams come true and have longevity. With much prayer, meditation, practice and warm encouragement from her mother, Maya became very talented at the art of dance and learned the business.

She started her passage, with her God given talent of not only dancing, but teaching others who possessed the same admiration for the art, as she. Her journey and dream began to come to a realization when her father, Mr. Henry L. Hayes, helped her to fund her first dance studio.  With that seed money, Maya was able to open, The Starlight Dancer Company, in Jackson, MS. There, she taught urban and inner city youth dance, in its various forms. She not only taught and encouraged these youth, but she promoted them around the city and state.

Maya also traveled the state, earning her stripes among many middle and high school dance, cheer and flag teams, where she taught field routines and well as competition routines. She was an associated creative advisor to the Jackson State University, Prancing J-Settes, in conjunction with being the founder and former Director of the JSU Lady Dazzlers dance team, also serving as President of the JSU Dance Ensemble at Jackson State University.

Former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Maya Hayes' dance background is so impressive that she is the former Director of the Cary Ballet Conservatory's Jazz Dance training program and performing company in North Carolina. Maya cheered for America's Team, The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, in the 2002-2004 seasons. Soon after she was named as a member of the Dallas Mavericks Dancers where she served as associate choreographer while holding a performing member status.  Prior to her DCC days, she was a dancer for the world champion Chicago Bulls.

Not only has she performed overseas for our nation’s troops, but Maya has performed all over the world as a backup dancer for blues singer Bobby Rush, James Brown, Earth, Wind & Fire, Ludacris, Mya, Jessica Simpson and as a member of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Show Group.  In 2010 her company obtained the Branding rights to the Atlanta Braves MLB team as well as represents the entertainment for the organization and their AA affiliate the Mississippi Braves the Braves Diamond Dancers.   

As the Owner/Artistic Directors of StarFire Productions, LLC, a dance and pro sports entertainment company in, Texas, Maya is proud to be able to provide and share her creativity, talents and services with you, and your family & friends.





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