I'm 30 and single. This is because my parents always taught me to choose my spouse, don't let my spouse choose me. Oftentimes in relationships, I think men and women reach an age where they feel they SHOULD be settling down, and the next partner to come along who seems to have the right qualities inevitably ends up fitting the need. Now, I'm no relationship expert, so let's focus on what I do know - fitness and nutrition.

We can look at our food in a similar context. Do we choose our food, or do we let our food choose us? As I've mentioned previously, we all get temptations. The smell of a quick golden breakfast during your morning commute, the mile high billboard of chocolaty ice cream, and the weekly invitations from your dear co-worker who enjoys baking fresh pie and muffins. It's very hard to say no!!!

But if we think of food like we think of men, there are a lot of options out there! Do we date EVERY decent looking man who crosses our path? No! He may be attractive, smell good, and give you something to do on Friday night, but a smart woman knows that he is just not her type.

I believe that planning your menu each week will make you more likely to steer clear of these unexpected temptations. Spend Sunday evening setting aside your meals and pinpointing days you must eat out so you can plan healthy restaurant options. Think of your food as a scheduled date that you can't break. "Well, Mr. Big Mac, you look awfully tempting, but I have a meeting with a delicious grilled tilapia wrap. If things don't work out with us, I'll give you a call on Thursday."

And just in time for the Halloween candy brigade... what about those generous calorie-loaded office gifts? When you just can't say no, place the goodie in your "Save for Friday" basket. If Friday rolls around and you have maintained a healthy diet all week, allow yourself one treat. If you've had a few slip ups or you just no longer feel the temptation, trash it! Then go home to your strawberry protein shake and feel just as satisfied.

If you have other suggestions on how to avoid temptations, please share by placing a comment below or contacting me at!



P.S. For the record, I am dating a fantastic man. Will I choose him? Only time will tell, but he certainly is a healthy supplement to my life. Miss you, Babe. :)

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Comment by Donna Fancher on October 27, 2009 at 8:49am
Great article Laura!
Another tip for avoiding temptations is to have premade snacks ready for the taking and eating! I keep snacks made up in my purse so I can resist when you may be out and about and get hungry!

Also, the Shakeology drinks are now available in convenient packets. Another life saver when you are on the go and trying to keep healthy and fit!



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