"An Enlightened Cheerleader" by Wynne Lacey - Cheermazing book!

Here is a “Cheer Out” to Alumni Cheerleaders member, Wynne Lacey!!  She has a new book out called “An Enlightened Cheerleader” that is a great and “cheertastic” read!  Wynne was an NBA dancer and captain for both the Chicago Bulls (4 years) and Milwaukee Bucks (1 year) and also for the AFL Chicago Rush dancers before becoming a professional director of her own teams.  In 2011, Wynne completed her professional Life Coach training through the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching (IPEC) and is currently a master practitioner in the Core Energy Process


Wynne’s book, “An Enlightened Cheerleader”, will have you reflecting about your inner Cheerleader with or without pom poms.  This book is a great read whether you cheered or not and helps you connect with your “inner cheerleader”.  It is okay not to be HAPPY all the time.  It is a book for ALL and not just for former or current cheerleaders and dancers.   

I read this book during a time my schedule from day to day life became a little overwhelming for a moment.  There was one chapter in particular called “The Life Formula” that made me think about how to have more balance in my life.  Wynne talks about being conscious of your reactions to daily life.  She uses cheerleading as an example by saying: “So let’s be our own persons, our own personal cheerleaders, and react to life with the same uncritical, enthusiastic support that cheerleaders give their teams.”  She also states that “Cheerleaders never give up on their teams nor control the outcome of the game, but they just enjoy being a part of it.”  Her point was that we should enjoy life whether we make it to the Championship Game or not. 


Cheers to Wynne for a great book!! 


To learn more, visit http://www.anenlightenedcheerleader.com/

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Wynne Lacey has transformed herself from dancing as a professional cheerleader on the basketball court to becoming a Universal Cheerleader for Human Potential.  Wynne is truly an uncritical, enthusiastic supporter of anyone wanting to win in the Game of Life; partnering with individuals to reach their highest potential and inspiring teams to achieve WYNNE-WIN situations for all.  Wynne teaches others how to leave competitive behavior on the field or court and use cooperation to achieve more in their personal lives.

You may contact Wynne at wynne@wynningteams.com for speaking engagements and personal one-on-one sessions and visit her site www.wynningteams.com  for more details.

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