After the Poms with Cheryl Gargiulo - Former Philadelphia Eagles Eaglelette

Alumni Cheerleaders is excited to share this week's feature story on Cheryl Gargiulo, former Philadelphia Eagles Eaglelette.  Let's find out what Cheryl has been up to "After the Poms". 

Cheryl started dancing at the age of 3 in 1950, her Aunt had a dance studio and naturally she had to take lessons.  She also performed at the young age of 5 with her Aunt touring in USO shows throughout the Philadelphia tri-state area bases. “Dancing came easy for me, it became my passion”.


In 1965 the Philadelphia Eagles decided to hold tryouts for a more professional cheerleading squad of all dancers. She decided to tryout with 700 other hopeful young girls pursuing their dream of becoming a professional cheerleader. 

Cheryl & Al Hunt

The head choreographer for the Eagles was a former Rockette looking for 60 good dancers and high kickers. Cheryl was one of the fortunate girls to be picked for the squad called the “Philadelphia Eaglettes”.  The organization then had a New York designer create a traditional 60’s Mod uniform for them and Cheryl was on her way. Since there choreographer was a former Rockette, the girls had to learn many different kick lines and dances turning the Eagles half time show into a huge production. Cheryl became Captain of the squad and stayed with them until 1969.


Then she went to New York and tried out for the Radio City Rockettes and made it!  She only stayed for 10 months and decided to come home and start to plan her wedding.

Cheryl works for the Philadelphia Parks and Recreation Department. She worked at various recreation centers teaching dance and fitness classes and running other programs for the youth and adults in the neighborhoods she worked. December 6th she will be retiring after many years of service. She will be spending more time with her 2 grandchildren.  Cheryl is also a Board Member of the NFLA PCCheerleaders overseeing their Membership. At 66 yrs. of age, Cheryl is still dancing with the NFLA PCCheerleaders Alumni Squad.





Cheryl's Favorites:

I enjoy a good glass of wine and a good book on my Kindle. Surfing the internet and a good glass of wine and dancing with my cheer sisters.

Travel Destination: I am retiring on December 6th and one of the places I would love to go is Ireland and Italy.


Books: I really enjoy reading anything from Lisa Scottoline and James Patterson. I was a big Harry Potter fan.


Quote(s): "Living with INTEGRITY means: Speaking the TRUTH even though it may create conflict or tension."


Way to go Cheryl!!  Congratulations with your upcoming retirement and enjoying more time with family!!  Once a Cheerleader Always a Cheerleader!!

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Comment by Sherry "Shamrock" Leetham on December 18, 2013 at 4:15pm

What a GREAT story (I, too, LOVE me some Harry Potter!) As some of you know I am launching a new workout based on cheer using PoundPoms (weighted pom poms) and I recently had someone say, "do you REALLY think 35 year old women want to cheer?" I am sooooo gonna show her Cheryl's story!" because as Mickey says "Once a Cheerleader, ALWAYS a Cheerleader!" 

Comment by Deb Antonini-Cefaratti on November 23, 2013 at 12:49am

Great story! You look fantastic, Cheryl!

Comment by Debbie Savarese Brady on November 22, 2013 at 11:58pm

Way to go Cheryl !!!


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