After the Poms with Candy Branson & daughter Cami - Former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader

Alumni Cheerleaders is excited to have one of our newest members, Candy Branson, for the first feature story of the year!!  We are also honored to interview her talented daughter, Cami Branson, who is an All American Cheerleader.  Candy is the proud Mom of 4 children. (Cami, Kacie, Preston, & Landon)

Candy: Were cheerleading and dancing a part of your life when you were younger and how did you get involved?  Candy is originally from Florida and has been in Texas since she was 13 years old.  She started in Pop Warner in the 3rd grade and cheered in Richardson High School.  Candy was a natural dancer and took dance at the age of 19. 

Candy: You were a member of the iconic Dallas Cowboys CheerleadersPlease tell us about that experience and the year(s) you cheered for Dallas.  Candy cheered professionally with the Dallas Cowboys (83-84) and said it was an incredible experience. She is not the only one who wore the infamous Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders uniform.  Her sister Debbie cheered for the Cowboys (80-82).  She and her sister both cheered with Judy Trammell who is the choreographer for the DCC.  What an awesome accomplishment for 2 family members to cheer for Cowboys!!  Her parents are also BIG time Cowboys fans too. 

Candy: When did you know Cami was a natural for cheerleading?  Cami is the 4th child following older brothers Landon and Preston, and older sister Kacie, and knew from when she was 2 years old.  When an opportunity for competition cheerleading came along, Cami loved tumbling.  Also, Cami loves being a flyer that is a phenomenal feat considering she is tall for the position at almost 5' 8".  She is has been cheering competitively since age 5 and cheering on Level 5 since the age of 7.  

CamiIt must be exciting have a Mom and Aunt who are former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders.  Did this inspire you to pursue your cheerleading career as a little girl?  It is exciting and inspirational having a Mom and Aunt as former DCC.  It has been in her genes since she was a toddler.  Cami  told us she started taking gymnastics at the young age of 2 years old and has been in competitive cheerleading since the age of 5.  Cami is a triple threat as a flyer, tumbler, and jumper. Cami's older sister Kacie was in competitive cheerleading also.  When Cami was a little girl, she dressed up a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader for Halloween.  Hmmm...Maybe, this is a sign there may be another DCC legacy in the family.

Cami: You are recognized as one of the top cheerleaders in the all-star market.  Please tell us about that and some other exciting things you have experienced as an All American Cheerleader.  Cami attends Plano West High School that is one of the largest in Texas.  Cami is very dedicated and has a love of the sport and is a member of the "Spirit of Texas" competitive team.  It is a medium level 5 coed team called "Purple Royalty".  She has developed great work ethics and time management skills, and is a firm believer you be someone "great".  Cami is a hard worker, grounded, team player, and years of training help her to grow and learn.  In addition, the busy young lady is a captain on her cheerleading squad and cheers for her basketball and football team at her high school. 

CandyHow do you keep your children grounded and especially Cami  at such a young age and being a "Cheerlebrity"?  Candy jokily says she threatens her children with her cooking.  She has always stressed to them that everyone has a beating heart and put on earth for one another.  They were taught at a young age that no one is better than another and to treat everyone with respect.  Candy is very proud of her children and all of their accomplishments. 

Cami: How do you stay grounded and down to earth?  She says she knows can't get the "big head" and the she should be humble and inspiration to others.  She feels very blessed to be in her position to help others and can't take that for granted. 

Candy: What is one or several of your most memorable moments as a cheerleader?  The telethons involved with children was so rewarding for Candy.  She also enjoyed the Navy Midnight show on New Year's Eve, being on a ship in the Indian Ocean.  Most importantly, having individuals with terminal illnesses share stories about their lives and families.  It really made her appreciate the little things in life and put things in perspective. 

Cami: What is one or several of your most exciting moments as a cheerleader? Being chosen as a Varsity Uniforms model was fun.  Another one of Cami's most exciting moments is when she and her old team, Cheer Athletics, won the 2012 World Championship in Orlando!  Winning that competition was so exciting for her and could be compared to the Olympics of Cheerleading.  Someone dear to Cami is Maddie Thompson.  She and Maddie have a special bond and is an inspiration to her.  She feels that Maddie has blessed she and her family's lives.  Cami has a been like a mentor to Maddie over the years. 

Candy: What advice would you give to a current or future cheerleader?  Candy advises to stay true to yourself.  Being a team player is key and having a passion for it.  Candy loved what being a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader stood for on and off the field.  Lastly, be there to lift a person up and their spirit. 

Candy's Favorites:

Travel Destination: Cancun is one of her favorite places to vacation, and she loves the beach and ocean.

Book(s): Bible - Candy grew up a Southern Baptist.

Movie(s): The Turning Point; Guess Who's Coming to Dinner

Quote(s): Ephesians 4:13 "I can do all things through Christ"; "Keep the faith"; "Let's Rock-n-Roll!!" 

Thank you so much to Candy and Cami for their time and interview with Alumni Cheerleaders!!  Candy and her daughter Cami and are both beautiful inside and out. Cami, good luck with your Cheer Sport competition next month in Atlanta!! Cheers to continued success to both of you!! 

More great photos of Candy, her family & friends.

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Comment by Maya Hayes on February 1, 2014 at 12:00pm
Awesome welcome sis!! I remember the first time we met last year when the alums got together for girls night out to see the stage play "Flashdance" you just as stunning now! I'm glad we've connected here on Alumni Cheerleaders!!!


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