As a person who has always strived to be healthy in mind, body and soul.  I have found that a good exercise regimen that fit's you and not anyone else, realizing a healthy lifestyle is what counts, not a diet.  But lastly eating clean and healthy.  You wouldn't put water in your gas tank would you? Then why would you put things in your body that you can't pronounce and that sounds like a chemist experiment.  Feel great and look GREAT!!!!! 

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This is a great statement Juetta!  I will share with our members.  I hope you're doing well. 



Doing well Mickey, thank you.  In my own experience I have discovered that a lifestyle is far different than a diet.  A lifestyle touches far more areas in one's life.  A diet is just that---a diet---most likely it will work for only how long you can eat what "they" suggest.  After it's all said and done----so are you---done.  A lifestyle that is all about you can be so affective.  It connects your mind, body and soul.  When all three come together in harmony it can be unstoppable, amazing energetic and perfect.

Please I invite all to visit my face book site and share-- Turn It On Fitness----Our line will launch September/October. It's about women, owned and run by women production by a women owned factory and made in the good ole USA!!!!! Turn It On and Look Fab!!!!!!!

I will be happy to.  Please email me photo and more details if you like, and I will give you a "cheer out".

Good evening Mickey, I do appreciate you passing the info along to "cheer out".  If you are on Face Book go to the search box and type Turn It On and look for the power button.  We are hoping to launch in September/October.  Our website will be up at the end of July---however it will be static, no sales until launch time.

Let me know your thoughts when you visit our site.

Much appreciation,

Juetta West

Hi Juetta,

I just liked your page on Facebook. Really cute work out wear.  I will post your story when I get your write up and photos.  Have a great weekend!






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